Max is a ten year old school kid who is sick of being told what to do by his parents, teachers and other people who are better at being in authority than Max. So Max has decided that he wants to rule the world, and wants the power to make things more convenient for him.  As much as he likes to plan things, there is little precedent for children running the entire planet so he is essentially making things up as he goes along.









Horry is a silly person who is best friends with Max. His name would have been Harry had his parents not misspelt his name. He goes along with Max’s plans because he is excited that somebody he knows could rule the world. He is naive but pleasant, and loves helping others.










John is the sensible one of the group who knows the flaws in Max and Horry’s plans. But If they listened to him then we wouldn’t have much of a comic, would we. He follows Max because it’s practical to know people who are in charge, but he doesn’t really trust him that much.











I will fix this at some point. Also will add more characters.

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